Next Decentrum Partners With DAF To Bring Ancient Egypt to Life In The Metaverse

Next Decentrum Technologies Inc. announced a partnership with DAF to launch several NFT projects inspired by Egyptian art, culture, and history to bring some of the world’s most iconic artifacts to the metaverse. Check out their NFT collection, Crypto Pharaohs launching January 2022 -

A new generative NFT collection called Crypto Pharaohs is being released by Next Decentrum. The first of its kind, the project is inspired by the history and legacy of pharaohs in ancient Egypt. The company stated that they are committed to enabling access, empowering users, and unleashing an ever-evolving future through collaboration.

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Along with publishing collectable artworks on blockchain for collectors around the world to enjoy, their goal is also to create a new revenue stream for some of the top museums in North America and around the world.

Next Decentrum Technologies Inc (“Next Decentrum”) announced a partnership with DAF, Digital Access to Finance (DAF), to launch several NFT projects inspired by Egyptian art and culture. This will allow for greater access and appreciation of one of the oldest civilizations while bringing some world-class artifacts into the metaverse!

In 2019, over 12.6 million visitors came to Egypt and broke records for the highest number in the history of cultural exhibitions at a time when France was welcoming 1.42 million people with the Tutankhamun Paris exhibition within 6 months!

“Egypt is home to one of the world’s richest cultures. There is much for everyone to discover and enjoy.” Said Hussein Hallak, CEO of Next Decentrum. “Through this partnership with the DAF team, we aim to bring Egyptian history, culture, and art to the metaverse by using NFTs, AR and VR technology.”

For centuries, people have been fascinated with ancient Egypt. This fascination manifests itself in literature and architecture alike; it’s also an inspiration behind many films that portray this fascinating culture!

Digital collectibles have seen a rise in popularity leading to a surge in NFT sales to $13.7B, according to Reuters, sparking massive interest and causing many to look at NFTs as the way forward for blockchain mainstream adoption.

“The rapid growth of the NFT market and the rising interest in the metaverse represent a unique opportunity to cultivate a global audience who want to own a piece of Egypt.” Said Hatem Kandeel, Founder and CEO of DAF. “Through this partnership with Next Decenturm, we plan to launch multiple projects in collaboration with Egypt’s top artists and museums .”

The teams of Next Decentrum and DAF have been working closely together for the past few months. The collaboration between Next Decentrum and DAF has already resulted in the launch of Crypto Pharaohs, an iconic collection of digital collectibles (NFT) inspired by ancient Egypt’s culture.

The two companies will be working with museums, cultural organizations and artists to create digital collectables that put Egypt into the hands of collectors from around the world through:

Introducing ultra-rare NFTs inspired by Egyptian history, art & culture. Collaborating on special events or media campaigns in order bring awareness about this growing sector. Increasing participation rates specifically within the MENA region starting off at home – Cairo!

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