Newton NJ Restaurant Grease Trap & Sewer Pipe Lining Services Launched

Newton, New Jersey-based company Sewer Surgeons have launched trench-less pipe lining and grease trap cleaning services. The no-dig technology allows businesses to stay open during the works.

Newton, New Jersey-based company Sewer Surgeons has launched CPP pipe cleaning and grease trap cleaning services especially for the restaurant industry. The company performs the services without digging, which allows restaurants to stay open during the process.

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Restaurants struggling with clogged sewer lines can face a whole mess of problems including customer complaints and closures resulting in loss of income. The team at Sewer Surgeons specializes in quality pipe and grease trap cleaning without the need for businesses to close during the works.

Services offered by the company include camera installation, micro cutting, sewer pipe jetting, CIPP pipe lining, internal pipe coating and pipe bursting. What sets the company apart from other in its field is its ability to perform no-dig, trenchless services.

For diagnostic purposes, a camera can be installed for video pipe inspections, which will allow the experts to spot the problem that might be invisible to the untrained eye. Once the problem is identified, Sewer Surgeons can recommend the correct solution and get to work.

Simple pipe cleaning can often be the solution to clogged sewer lines. If the company thinks this is the right solution to the problem, a certified cleaning technician will come to the site and using their high-powered hydro-jetters, they will wash away debris and corrosion. The company’s snake machine is the most powerful on the market and has the ability to tear through anything, even thick tree roots.

If the issues require more than just pipe cleaning, the company has two forms of trenchless no-dig technology, internal pipe coating and pipe lining. Each of these procedures have benefits to guarantee long-lasting pipes.

With the camera inspection package, the company offers a discount on trenchless technologies as well as a 3-month warranty on cleaning. Interested parties can find more information and book online at the link above.

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