Newport News VA Divorce & Child Custody Free Consultation Attorney Office Opened

The renowned divorce and family law attorney David McCormick announced the opening of a new office in Newport News, VA, providing affordable and awarded representation or mediation services for contested and uncontested divorce, child custody, visitation rights, spousal support issues, and more.

The prominent Virginia Beach law firm McCormick Divorce & Family Law, specializing in divorce, child custody or spousal support and mediation issues, has announced the opening of a new office in Newport News, VA.

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McCormick Divorce & Family Law is led by the renowned divorce attorney David McCormick, considered one of the top lawyers in coastal VA by Avvo and rated in the top 1% by Martindale Hubbell for 20 years delivering premier, affordable, dedicated and Better Business Bureau A+ rated services to 17,000+ clients.

The firm has opened a new office located in 11815 Fountain Way # 300, Town Center, Newport News, VA 23606, offering its broad range of knowledgeable legal support, fair and balanced mediation or dedicated and experienced representation services for divorce (contested and uncontested), child custody, visitation rights or spousal support issues, and more.

The firm’s legal services are delivered by an experienced team of divorce and family law specialists, led and overseen by David McCormick, to ensure comprehensive divorce or custody solutions, settlements and overall mediation or joint representation that can save money and time for both parties or dedicated, diligent and results-driven negotiations and trial representation in case of a contested divorce.

Free consultations or full case reviews with advice on the legal options, strategies and best practices for specific cases along with more information on the broad range of acclaimed McCormick Divorce & Family Law services and its customer-centric representation or mediation philosophy can be requested at 757-663-4630 or online at the website link provided above.

The renowned family law specialist, David McCormick, explains how the law firm “was started in 1996 on the guiding principles of outstanding service, honesty, affordability, and results for the clients. Having serviced over 17,000 clients in the legal practice areas of family law, wills, and others, the firm has a tremendous amount of experience and proven results.”

He adds that “twenty years after its founding, the firm is still governed by the same ‘golden rule’, committed to legal excellence and striving to be the most prepared team on your divorce or custody case, providing exceptional advice to protect your best interests, and accomplishing the best results. It would be our honor and privilege to represent you.”

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