Newmarket Senior Drivers Refresher Course Specialized Driver Training Launched

Newmarket, Ontario driving school Tomorrow’s Drivers launched a series of new courses for senior drivers looking to renew their license or simply stay up to date with the latest traffic regulations.

Tomorrow’s Drivers, a driving school based in Newmarket, Ontario, announced the launch of an updated range of courses for seniors. The company offers personalised driving lessons helping seniors stay up to date with the latest traffic rule updates and preparing them to handle any situation that may arise in daily traffic.

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The recently updated senior driving courses are ideal for motorists over the age of 80 looking to renew their class G driver’s license, seniors who have been in an at-fault collision and are required to be re-tested, or for anyone looking to bring their driving skills and legislation knowledge up to date.

Tomorrow’s Drivers offers complete driving lessons aimed towards practicality, with the goal of helping senior drivers gain the confidence to handle everyday traffic situations with complete ease and safety.

The service includes a complete assessment of each driver’s skills and abilities, with the goal of identifying the areas that may benefit from extra training. The licensed instructors will also consider any potential health aspects that could influence on-road behavior.

The lessons last for 45 minutes and include practice in all essential driving areas, including traffic rules and regulations, parking, lane changes, blind spots and more.

According to the company, taking a driver’s refresher course is essential for senior motorists.

A spokesperson for Tomorrow’s Drivers explained: “As decades have gone and continue to go by, rules of the road inevitably change, and the overall behaviour of motorists can change along with them. To drive safely in these new environments and be better-equipped to avoid potential accidents, you must make it a habit to take a professional driving assessment program and refresher course.”

With the recent update, Tomorrow’s Drivers continues to expand its range of professional driving courses for drivers at all levels of experience. The driving school has a 99.5% road test pass rate, making it one of the most successful in its area.

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