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A leading realtor has launched a new report aimed at buyers. Mitzy Dadoun says many people wrongly believe serious defects are easy to spot, but often costly repairs are overlooked.

A leading realtor based in Newmarket, ON has launched a new report aimed at home buyers. Property specialist Mitzy Dadoun of the Sutton Group Admiral Realty says the report is designed to save buyers money in the long-term. It highlights the signs of damage to be aware of so they can avoid costly repair bills once they move.

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The newly launched report says many people wrongly believe serious defects are easy to spot, but often the most serious and costly problems are only detected upon close inspection. It highlights the six tell-tale signs buyers should look for when considering buying a new home.

Leaky roofs are one of the most common problems and are tough to detect from the outside unless a professional roof inspection is undertaken. However, from inside the attic it is possible to see water marks from where there is a leak.

Water systems can be expensive to repair and replace if they are not in good working order. Buyers are advised to ensure the system that brings in fresh water and deposits sewage is functioning before finalizing the buying process.

Electrical systems should be tested where possible. Aside from the inconvenience of not being able to run all the tools and appliances buyers want, bad wiring or electrical faults can cause a fire hazard.

Any heating and cooling systems should be thoroughly checked, especially the air conditioning as they can contain bacteria if they are not cleaned or maintained. Buyers are also advised to visually inspect for signs of rot and bad paint. The paint inside and outside the house can reveal a lot about the condition of the materials underneath.

A company spokesperson said: “Cracks in walls, doors not closing properly, and uneven floors can all be signs that there is a problem with the foundation. If the foundation is not strong, the entire house could literally collapse, so you should carefully check for these signs.”

“A bad foundation may not mean imminent disaster, but it could be used to bargain for a lower sale price, or you could ask to have the owner repair it before the sale,” they added.

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