Newly Released Link Management Software to Improve Campaign Performance

Link Wizard is a newly released link management software designed to boost campaign performance. The Social Link feature helps promote business across all social media channels through powerful social profiles.

Link Wizard, a recently released link management software is designed to boost campaign performance. Clients give this software an all 5-star review and say it is the “gold standard”. Supported by a dynamic team of software engineers, Link Wizard enables users to have optimum control over their links, allowing them to dynamically create and track all their links in one location, all in real-time.

This powerful URL shortener improves campaign performance through in-depth analytics. The dashboard contains a full data analysis of client activities. User activity is tracked using different factors like browser and platform status, and hits per country. The Social Link feature of the program helps clients promote business on social media through powerful social profiles. It enables users to provide multiple page information on social media platforms.

Users have optimum control over their links from a single dashboard. They can customize and control pretty links and achieve better traffic by retargeting anyone who clicks the links and route the visitors to the best landing pages.

Multiple links that can be linked several times to a single smart link can give access to different pages the user wants to display. The Solo Link provides a single page complete information where users can track business performance like how much business a vendor is providing using solo links. Other features include data privacy with short links password, unlimited tracking pixels, Zapier integration, opt-in links and a lot more.

Link Wizard is used by over 8,000 entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers. Many consumers are satisfied with how this software has helped them generate more income through their content. Link Wizard has the ability to make pretty and smart links more meaningful and easily trackable. Its dynamic team continues to build software from users’ recommendations on improvements, upgrades, and bug fixes. This will continue to help marketers create a great brand across all channels and generate more profit.

Release ID: 88953539