Newly published book Who Stole Your Joy? by Kari Joys Reaches Global Audience

Newly published book "Who Stole Your Joy?" reaches global audience with 841,818 impressions on Twitter. Psychotherapist, Author and Mental Health Professional, Kari Joys MS, partners with emerging Greek Artist to share the universal story of one’s journey from emotional pain back to healing and joy.

We’re announcing the release of a new book “Who Stole Your Joy? Finding Your Way Back Home.” It’s written by Psychotherapist, Author and Mental Health Professional, Kari Joys MS, and illustrated by Greek Artist, Ioanna Kiriakou. Written as a grown-up book for one’s inner child, each page includes stunning illustrations that illuminate the road map from emotional pain and trauma back to living one’s life with joy.

“Who Stole Your Joy?” has already received accolades from scholars and researchers for it’s ability to convey a message of hope to people who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, or abuse. It has also quickly developed a broad audience in social media. On Feb 24, 2015, the book showed 841,818 world wide impressions on Twitter.

This book includes: – Like the well-loved Dr. Seuss, it uses innovative linking of narrative and illustrations to convey deep wisdom. – It moves beyond mainstream self-help books to the universally shared experience of brokenness and healing.

- It provides complex insights of psychotherapy in simple and accessible language. – It delivers a powerful solution to a wide range of human emotions, including stress, anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem or abuse.

- It’s written from the author’s personal experience of overcoming trauma and abuse.

- It’s written with a universal appeal for people of all ages and all ethnic backgrounds.

Kari Joys MS, Psychotherapist, Mental Health Professional and previous Author of “Finding Joy Around the World,” says, “So many people give up on feeling real joy in their lives and settle for just surviving. I want to share the message that joy is really possible, no matter who you are or what has happened in your life!”

Dr. Samuel Mahaffy, Author of “Relational Presence” says, “With this stunning work, Kari Joys stretches far beyond the self-help genre to emerge as a compelling voice for hope and possibility.”

“Who Stole Your Joy?” is a book to treasure. It has the beauty of a book to display on a coffee table and the depth of content to make it an outstanding gift. It’s particularly helpful for anyone launching their journey from stress, anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem or abuse, back to joy, inner peace and healing.

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