Newly opened, fully equipped​ yoga and meditation studio in Galway

Are you looking for an effective way to deal with stress and anxiety in Galway? Mindfulness Haven Galway is the place to visit. The most popular yoga and meditation studio in Galway.

Mindfulness Haven Galway is ready to welcome everyone who is looking for some peace and relaxation.

Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, sound bath has become more popular across the world. These stress management classes and workshops have lots of benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. Newly opened yoga and meditation studio in Galway offers wide range of classes, focused on developing connection with the body, soul and mind. Learning how to look after physical and emotional wellbeing, especially nowadays when stress and anxiety became a major problem for many people. Studio offers yoga, tai chi, pilates, dance classes, community acupuncture, workshops for parents, children and babies. Pregnancy workshops, gentle birth preparation and labour massage workshops, baby massage and baby bonding classes. Mindfulness Haven Galway is focused on relaxation and restoring the peace within. There are regular meditation and mindfulness classes, sound bath, breathing workshops, and yoga nidra sessions to help with better sleep and lowering anxiety. Classes are offered to children, and adults. There is something for everyone. Your relaxation and wellbeing is our priority.

Programmes for mental health awareness are run regularly to share information and advice on managing stress, anxiety, panic attacks amongst young people and adults.

We offer courses and sessions tailored to the needs of corporate wellness.

Mindfulness Haven Galway is available for rent for regular and casual classes, courses, trainings. It is a fully equipped studio in a perfect location in Galway. It is perfect for yoga, including yin yoga, tai chi, pilates, dance and singing classes. Cozy and warm space can easily fit 28 yoga mats and offers set of meditation cushions, blankets, pillows, and all that is essential for the comfort of participants. Being a part of the team can help to grow your business with marketing advice, and advertising on the professional website. This space can be a perfect venue to rent for your weekend courses in Galway, yoga trainings, seminars, and meetings. To rent this beautiful yoga studio for your classes check our website

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