Newly Launched Independent SEO Consulting in Toronto

Based in Toronto, Canada, Anurag Pareek is SEO and digital marketing consultant with experience as a demand generation specialist and 10 years of SEO servicing.

Toronto, ON—With the constant expansion of the competitive market for businesses, it is crucial to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. Technology is advancing every day, and competitors are quickly catching on. SEO and digital marketing are important for every business’ growth and success. To help businesses rise above their competition, Anurag Pareek has launched an independent SEO and digital marketing consulting agency. With his impressive background, his agency is proved helpful to increase brand identity and customer leads.

In the market for SEO services, businesses often face pushy salespersons and so-called SEO marketers who do nothing more than take a screenshot from Google analytics to try to claim their expertise. With today’s business market, a company can’t afford to invest in a consultant who hasn’t been involved in the digital marketing sphere from the beginning. The importance of digital marketing cannot be overstated. Due to the constantly increasing technological developments, companies without digital marketing experience struggle to stay competitive. It is an always-changing digital market, so there is no time for agencies who don’t know what they are doing. Bad marketing or no marketing can cause a business to lose a lot of money to their competitors or worse, to fold.

As the business market grows, so does Anurag Pareek, An independent SEO consultant, Anurag is able to spend undivided attention with each client. Anurag has been surveying every Google algorithm update and change since 2005 and has had 10 years of experience in social media marketing, conversion rate optimization and more.

His concepts are built around building a strong brand identity and visibility, converting website visitors into leads, and ultimately creating more revenue. Anurag’s services are measurable while he delivers first page results for all his clients. It is hard to find many SEO experts such as Anurag who have been involved in as many algorithm updates that he has.

SEO is always evolving, so keeping up with current strategies is necessary. Anurag tirelessly monitors the frequent changes in search engine algorithms and updates his strategies along with them. With Anurag, business owners can be assured of a consultant who will help their business to maintain a competitive edge.

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