Newly discovered fetching YouTube channel been announced about life in America.

Eni Amerikában has started an entertaining YouTube channel for young to old generation who want to know about life in America specially California. Best places, restaurants, hidden gems and more!

Californian YouTuber has announced its popular YouTube channel that provides infotaining and fun content about America life. Big range of content and videos that is substantial for backpackers, travelers and people who wants to know more about America and wish to watch enjoyable content in this restricted time because Covid 19. Channel is now available for the public and dazzles followers every Sunday with new episodes from San Diego!

More information can be found here: “Here is America

With most of the households facing movement restrictions during these pressing times, Eni in America YouTube channel provides wonderful, enjoyable, and entertaining episodes to present the gems of US and specially California. Unlike other YouTube channels that just show daily vlogging and “How I do my makeup” videos, Eni Amerikában shows the real piece of the life in US. Super easy to become a fan just takes one episode to love this YouTube channel. More information can be found here on YouTube.

This YouTube channel helps younger and older generation inform more about American things and practices is also gives a highly entertaining Sunday activity to the whole family. Even if they cannot afford to travel to United States, this entertaining channel can be watched from all over the world. Who want more information can subscribe on YouTube and receive notifications about new videos releases and upcoming episodes! Also, everyone can follow her on Instagram!

San Diego-based creator “Eni in America” just started to make interesting videos and entertaining content this year and already received huge attention and a fast-growing follower base.

This online channel also offers information about the best places and activities in San Diego and the California area. Showing restaurants, secret places, hidden gems like potato chip rock, and Balboa Park and best places to travel, visit and spend time.

A satisfied follower said: “This channel is better the Discovery Eni show me the other side of the globe and I feel like I am traveling with her while I’m watching her videos. Really waiting for the new episodes every week!”

Interested parties can watch the content and follow by visiting

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