Newington CT Family/Childrens Dentist – Kids Teeth Care/Oral Health Guide Launch

East Cedar Dental (860.667.0875), a family-friendly dental office in Newington, Connecticut, has released its latest guide titled: “Guide to Dentistry for Babies and Children,” which details effective strategies parents can use to care for their child’s teeth from an early stage.

Just like adults, infants and children are also susceptible to oral health issues. Tooth decay is regarded as the most prevalent childhood problem—more common than asthma and hay fever. The new guide covers proper dental hygiene practices that ensure children can enjoy a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth.

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The new guide teaches readers why establishing an oral care routine early on is vital to their little one’s dental health. It further answers pertinent questions regarding what parents should expect during their baby’s teething phase and how to ease their discomfort.

To begin, the guide highlights the best time for the child’s first visit to the dentist’s office. As the professionals recommended, parents should take their baby to a pediatric dentist when the first tooth erupts.

During this initial appointment, the dentist will perform a thorough dental checkup to ensure the teeth are developing properly, and make sure there are no underlying issues that could lead to severe conditions down the line.

Next, the expert guide suggests parents should clean or brush their child’s teeth once they break through the gums. Soft cloths or age-appropriate toothbrushes are recommended for use.

As a children-friendly practice, East Cedar Dental is equipped with the latest dental technology to provide fast and timely treatment for any condition discovered during the dental exam. Their staff members are highly trained in providing oral care tailored to infants.

The Newington, Connecticut dental office provides various dental services, including cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, crown and bridge, and implant restoration.

Other treatment options available to patients include teeth whitening, Invisalign, and sleep apnea solutions. The dental professionals can also provide preventative treatments, ensuring patients can achieve and maintain a beautiful smile.

A satisfied patient said: “Today was my first time to East Cedar Dentist as a new patient. Their staff were warm and friendly and made me very comfortable with my cleaning. I truly recommend the practice to anyone that is looking for an amazing dentist.”

Interested parties can call their friendly representative at 860.667.0875 to schedule an appointment or visit to learn more about their services.

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