Newark Salsa Mambo Dancing School Expands Beginners Lessons In Essex County NJ

Salsa dancing lessons in Newark's Ironbound Section expanded their classes catering to increased numbers of salsa mambo on 2, cha cha and bachata students. The expansion is part of a trend across New Jersey of people jumping on the latest Latin dance craze.

Salsa dancing lessons in Newark’s Ironbound Section has expanded its beginner and advanced lessons to cater to increasing numbers of latin, salsa, mambo cha cha and bachata students. The expansion is part of a trend across New Jersey of people jumping on the latest latin dancing craze.

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Popular television shows like Dancing With The Stars and Mira Quien Baila have led to a resurgence of interest. People in Harrison, Kearny and Newark’s Ironbound Section are taking classes to brush up on their basic salsa dance steps or take their Latin dancing skills to another level.

Of all the dances Latin dances like salsa mambo on 2 New York Style and bachata moves are getting the most attention from potential students because the basics are simple to learn but there are also a huge range of complex, fun dance moves that advanced dancers can learn.

This massive growth of interest in Latin dancing has hit the Newark and Essex County areas hard with Newark’s premier Latin dance clubs and teaching. The Ironbound studio rapidly expanding its private and group classes to cater to the increasing demand. Students are putting on their dance shoes and learning styling tips in workshops throughout North Arlington, Jersey City and New Jersey.

Manny G, Professional Salsa Instructor in New Jersey said, “Salsa mambo on 2 New York Style is popular with our students who love our personal touch. Aprende a bailar salsa.”

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It’s especially popular because it’s fun to learn how to dance and it is a great way to get physical cardio exercise while enjoying aerobic dancing and learning with a variety of partners. Singles also enjoy the opportunity of meeting a variety of people who are sober, healthy and intelligent.

Getting lessons from professional dance teachers or instructors is short cut to learning the most popular Latin dances and significantly reduces both the time it takes to learn dances like salsa, mambo and bachata and the chances of getting an annoying minor injury along the way.

Well run dance academy also give students the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners at different skill levels and to learn in a variety of different dancing situations. Students are inspired to dance like Edie the Salsa Freak, Nery Garcia, Ataca Y La Alemana or Newark’s own Manuel Gonzalez.

The expanded classes include both group classes and one-on-one personal instruction for Kearny, Harrison and North Arlington students. Lessons are always geared to match the students perfectly and the expanded classes at the Ironbound offer an all-inclusive, all-ages, all skill level service.

People wanting more information on the new class schedule and calendar can go to the top link above.

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