Newark NJ Elmiron Lawsuit Attorney Pharmaceutical Injury Claim Advisory Released

Personal injury firm Console and Associates PC has released an advisory service for individuals seeking justice and recovery for their vision problems and diminished capabilities because of Elmiron use.

Console and Associates PC just released an advisory specifically for individuals who have sustained vision problems because of Elmiron use. From their offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the personal injury law firm is able to review new claims coming from all parts of the country.

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The newly released advisory is intended to inform victims of Elmiron vision loss that they only have a limited time to file their claims. The attorneys also note that with the increasing number of Elmiron plaintiffs, individual claims may be consolidated into multidistrict litigation cases.

Long considered to be safe for use, Elmiron is now being linked to various forms of eye damage and vision loss. Recent research suggests that the drug can lead to severe issues like blurry or halo vision, different types of maculopathy or retinopathy, and vision impairment or loss.

The legal team recommends seeing a medical professional as a first step toward pursuing a possible Elmiron lawsuit. The consultation is deemed critical in establishing a link between the medication and the person’s eyesight concerns, as well as in making an informed decision about their bladder and vision treatments.

The next step is a free case evaluation by one of the firm’s legal professionals to determine if their network of attorneys will be able to assist with the claims. During this time, the individual may expect questions related to their eye condition and their use of Elmiron. They may also be asked to detail the losses they have incurred after developing their vision problem.

The firm’s representative states, “As of November 2020, more than 80 Elmiron lawsuits had been filed across the United States. Considering the number of patients who took Elmiron treatment for interstitial cystitis over the decades the drug was on the market, it’s likely that the number of lawsuits will continue to climb as the link between the bladder drug and vision loss becomes more widely publicized.”

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