New Zealand Digital Marketing Facebook Expert Jonathan Low Leads Service Launch

A leading NZ based digital marketing specialist has announced he can help local clients to get more leads through Facebook. Jonathan Low focuses on four core strategies to help clients achieve success online.

Christchurch, New Zealand based marketing specialist, Jonathan Low, has announced that he can help local clients to increase leads through tailored marketing strategies. He explains that the fastest and easiest way to grow revenue is to drive traffic from Facebook, but it’s important to follow leads all the way through the sale.

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Jonathan Low says that for most businesses, Facebook can produce more traffic and sales than paid organic search put together. However, if this isn’t done right then it can be costly and ineffective.

There are four core Facebook campaigns that every business should be running, including Top Funnel, Page Engagement, Website Engagement and Email Engagement.

With Top of Funnel marketing, businesses target people who have had no prior contact with the company. Once site owners get them to engage with their ads, they can be added to one of the other three campaigns.

Many advertisers out there limit themselves to just this one campaign, which is where a lot of people fall down. It’s crucial to use all aspects of a Facebook marketing campaign to attain the best results.

Jonathan Low goes on to say that everyone should be running Page Engagement marketing campaigns. Most advertisers are not doing this, meaning they are missing out on potential conversions.

With Page Engagement marketing, businesses target the users who have engaged with their Facebook posts in some way. If someone has liked or clicked on a previous ad, they can fit into this category, which is highly targeted and cheaper to reach.

Remarketing campaigns that target people who have visited and taken action on the business website can also be highly beneficial.

Similarly, it’s important to round out the marketing campaign with Email Engagement efforts. While many companies send emails to their customers and prospects, it’s crucial to also send them to subscribers on Facebook.

Jonathan Low helps coaches, consultants and professional service providers quickly and easily implement these four core Facebook campaigns in their businesses to grow leads and revenue.

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