New York Women Entrepreneurs Training Online Business Startup Program Launched

An online business training program that teaches female entrepreneurs to run their business from home.The Dream Target course helps scale businesses from the very first stages.

NiaDara New York has launched a new online business program to guide women who aspire to be online entrepreneurs. The Dream Target course is designed to teach essential management skills required to scale an at-home online business.

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According to statistics, over 90% of online startups will go out of the market after four months, and 80% of businesses will not celebrate their first anniversaries. Also, 63% of startups are home-based and personally funded. There is a great need for a comprehensive training program that helps these fledgling businesses thrive. The new online course, the Dream Target, helps these businesses operate effectively in the early stages of their launch.

The Dream Target is designed to help these startups launch an authoritative brand from day one and equip online entrepreneurs with the essential information to run their business in the most fragile early stages.

The Dream Target course helps aspiring entrepreneurs to jump the learning curve so that they can quickly scale their businesses. The course covers essential topics like mindset readiness, operational startup resources, and go-to-market strategies. It helps them develop the entrepreneurial mindset necessary for success, equips them with management systems, and teaches them the basic concepts of marketing, among many other skills.

As an on-the-go business development course, Dream Target particularly focuses on the early stages of businesses that are more difficult to navigate.

Before enrolling in the course, interested entrepreneurs receive five resources on marketing as free gifts by sending an email. After login, they will be given access to content that is only available to members. With those materials, they have resources for ongoing learning.

If they are interested in learning more and taking their businesses to the next level by getting access to the specialized tools, they can enroll to get the Dream Target course.

Focused on empowering working-at-home mothers, the Dream Target looks to help women develop the necessary skills and thrive in building their own businesses.

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