New York Product Liability Attorney Legal Advice And Representation Launched

Practicing throughout the US, a law firm based in New York launches their legal services specifically for victims of defective or dangerous products.

Jafri Law Firm launches their product liability legal services for individuals who have been injured because of a defective or dangerous product. Based in Armonk, New York, the national law firm is well equipped to represent clients throughout all 50 states and in US jurisdictions.

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The newly launched services aim to help people navigate the complexities of filing for injury claims because of a malfunctioning product. Every year, thousands of injuries in the US result from defective or dangerous products. Product liability endeavors to hold the manufacturers or sellers of these products responsible for releasing them to the market.

When filing product liability charges, it falls upon the complainant to prove that the product is indeed defective, and that the defect has made it unreasonably dangerous. The legal team has the necessary experience to help their clients through this process, whether their cases concern design, manufacturing, or marketing defects.

The firm headed and founded by Farva Jafri works on equipping their clients with the tools and solutions they need to solidify their cases. They make sure they have a thorough understanding of their clients’ needs so their interests are represented well inside or outside the courtroom.

As a representative from the firm states, “While we advocate for resolution, we do not fear trial. Our relationship with clients extends far, and we build lasting connections that will help them grow their businesses as well as solve their challenges.”

Jafri Law Firm takes on legal work for individuals, as well as businesses big and small, with the goal of bringing disputes in any industry to a successful conclusion through litigation or arbitration. Employing a client-centric approach in every case they handle, the firm always welcomes the opportunity to solve new legal problems or challenges.

With their latest announcement, Jafri Law Firm continues to expand their growing list of practice areas, which also include bankruptcy, banking and financial services, class actions, constitutional law, cybersecurity and privacy, intellectual property, international arbitration, matrimonial and family law, as well as securities litigation.

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