New York NY Holistic Doctors Homeopathy Nutrition Specialist Report Launched

New York holistic therapist Dr. Anthony Salzarulo launched a new report on holistic approaches to overall health improvement. Readers can find information on detoxification and improving conditions such as insomnia, allergies, skin problems and various other by using holistic treatments.

Dr. Anthony Salzarulo, a professional holistic doctor, licensed and certified chiropractor, physical therapist, iridologist, homeopath, and biotherapeutic drainage practitioner based in New York City, launched a report on the importance of holistic approaches to overall health management. The online resource offers a brief overview of the interconnectedness between various systems in the body, as well as a description of the diagnosis and intervention procedures undertaken by Dr. Salzarulo.

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According to the report, individual health symptoms are a reflection of larger issues having to do with the overall health of the “terrain” – the entirety of the human organism. By identifying the root causes of the negative manifestations – headaches, fatigue, allergies, insomnia, recurrent skin problems and others – Dr. Salzarulo is able to create personalized holistic therapy plans for each client.

Among the most commonly used treatments are homeopathic remedies, drainage drops, dietary changes, detoxification (sauna, body brushing), exercise programs and many others.

The report also provides an accessible description of drainage drops, an effective procedure enhancing the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins.

The recent report is part of Dr. Salzarulo’s efforts to provide clients in New York and other areas with a wide range of services and information on holistic medicine, homeopathy, nutrition management and natural detoxification. Dr. Salzarulo is a licensed and certified chiropractor, physical therapist, homeopath, iridologist and biotherapeutic drainage practitioner with more than twenty years of experience in the industry.

A satisfied client said: “I came to see Dr. Salzarulo because I was overweight, exhausted and suffering from chronic sinusitis and constipation. After my initial evaluation I wondered if I could ever change my bad habits. I thank Dr. Salzarulo for helping me rebuild my self confidence. In just six weeks I lost 17 pounds, my bowels are flowing smoothly, I have much more energy and my sinusitis is much better.”

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