New York Emsculpt NEO Body Contouring Only Available With Dr Jennifer Levine

Emsculpt NEO body contouring and muscle toning services have been launched by Dr. Jennifer Levine in New York City. She is the only doctor in the U.S. certified to use this new technology.

Dr Jennifer Levine in New York, NY has launched Emsculpt NEO services. NEO services are the latest development in Emscupt Technology and currently, Dr. Levine is the only doctor in the U.S. offering this service.

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The launch of this fat reducing and muscle toning service was prompted by requests from area residents who needed to tone up quickly. This procedure allows patients to achieve the same results in a few 30-minute sessions as a full year of dieting and exercise produce.

Emsculpt NEO works by utilizing high intensity focused electromagnetic fields (HIFEM) and specially designed synchronized radio frequency heating. Emsculpt treatments naturally sculpt fat and tighten muscles, producing fat deduction results without surgery or downtime.

The Emsculpt NEO that is being offered by Dr Levine, is FDA approved for the strengthening, toning, and firming of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and calves, as well as for lipolysis of the abdomen. The Emsculpt NEO machine being used provides patients with the fastest thermal effect on the market.

In-vivo measurements research showed that apoptotic (fat burning) temperatures in fat are reached in less than four minutes with the Emsculpt NEO machine used by Dr. Levine. The machine provides an automated temperature control procedure and uses real-time thermal measurements of the patient’s skin. It automatically maintains the target temperature throughout the entire treatment. This maximizes the energy delivery while ensuring high levels of patient comfort.

The technology has been backed by more than 30 studies conducted on HIFEM technology. This gives Dr. Levine’s patients confidence in the efficacy of the procedure. Emsculpt has been tested through seven new clinical studies, including MRI, ultrasound, and histology evaluations.

The treatment is painless, and has no downtime, allowing patients to immediately resume normal activities.

The launch of the Emsculpt NEO session for patients in New York provides them with the latest technology for the removal of fat and sculpting of various areas of the body.

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