New York Digital Marketing Website Audit For Online Reputation Report Launched

A new video report has been launched by New York digital marketing consultancy Manhattan DMA. It showcases the importance of getting a website audit to see where a site is working and where it needs improvement.

A New York based digital marketing consultancy has launched a new video report showcasing the importance of businesses getting their websites audited so they don’t lose out to their competition. The Manhattan Digital Marketing Association explains that 83 per cent of qualified leads are being lost by every single website they analyze, and there are simple techniques that can be used to avoid this.

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Businesses can join the Digital Marketing Association for free and in doing so receive a free comprehensive audit that shows them what they need to do to get more leads and stop giving them away to their competition.

The Manhattan Digital Marketing Association is an organization that offers intelligent networking, training and tools designed to increase the number of leads clients can get every day. When clients join up with the agency, they get a free report, along with strategic tips and tricks for improving their online presence.

The report shows online listings accuracy, industry comparisons with other companies in their niche, and social standing so companies can see how they are doing in the social market and where they might need to improve.

In addition to this, companies can get a detailed review on their website that shows what its working well and what needs attention, so clients can focus their attention on the aspects that need the most work.

In doing so, they free up time to work on what matters most: running their business. They can leave the analytics to the experts, and learn if the business listing is accurate where it counts, and how customers feel about the company and its website.

People can also find the sites that their company should be listed on to enhance visibility and increase their online presence, improve their reputation and get more customers.

Full details are provided on the company website, where interested parties can get in touch for more information using the contact details provided.

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