New York City Sports Medicine Physical Therapy & Rehab Facility Opened

Infinity Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, located in New York City, has announced the opening of its treatment facility to help restore function and physiological balance to patients suffering from pain.

New York City sports medicine treatment center, Infinity Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, has announced the opening of its facility for patients suffering from pain and functional imbalances. The treatment center offers high quality, personalized care to patients to correct physiological discrepancies and improve function.

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New York City sports medicine treatment center, announced the opening of its facility to treat patients suffering from chronic pain. The facility also treats acute injuries due to activities such as sports or dance as well as orthopedic conditions and muscle weakness.

The facility is staffed by a team of physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors who specialize in safely treating physical injuries and restoring function, so patients can get moving again as quickly as possible. Physiatrists are medical doctors specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

The physicians at Infinity Sports Medicine & Rehab have experience in musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries and experience treating neck, back, shoulder, knee and ankle pain. They can perform procedures such as trigger point injections, soft tissue injections, facet blocks, and nerve conduction studies.

Physiotherapists are licensed professionals with university degrees and in-depth knowledge of how the body works. They know how to identify the cause of an injury that is negatively affecting everyday function. The physiotherapists on staff at Infinity Sports Medicine have expertise in manual techniques and neuromuscular re-education as well as the ability to teach patients the use of proper body mechanics to prevent injury or re-injury.

The physiotherapists use various modalities such as ultrasound, massage, myofascial release, stretching and strengthening to reduce pain and restore function.

The facility focuses its efforts on giving individualized treatment to patients from a whole-person perspective with the highest degree of attention to the quality of medical care. They are located in Chelsea, near Union Square in New York City and offer same and next-day appointments for clients who are in acute pain.

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