New York City Sconce Design Bespoke Lighting Custom Crafted Products Launched

A new HOME DECOR range has been launched by Shakuff. As a leading New York City based specialist in glass design, they pride themselves on quality products with the highest levels of customization.

A new product range has been launched by Shakuff, the New York City – based bespoke lighting design specialists. Called HOME DECOR, it includes chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps and table lamps designed with ingenuity, craftsmanship and quality in mind.

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Options in the newly launched product range include the Breath Sconce, Halo Sconce, Luxe Sconce, Saber Sconce, Tamar Wand Sconce, Disque Sconce, and a unique floor and table lamp.

The floor lamp has a marble plate bottom with brass rod and brass ball decorated with Kadur pendants and a reading light. It is handmade with unique colors and finishes and distinctive texture.

The Luxe Sconce is a solid brass-backed plate sconce with two decorative bars framing the top and bottom. It has painted panels of fused glass in solid colors or custom designs.

Shakuff is dedicated to illuminating spaces through unique and beautiful lighting. They curate artists from around the world with a focus on bringing special designs to the public. Clients can fully customize every product offering they have.

The company was established in 2007 by Joseph Sidof, who emigrated to the US from Israel at the age of 18. He has embraced connecting people with beauty, and has built his sole proprietorship into a thriving glass lighting and decor corporation.

The full range of glass products and decor options can be found on the company website. Each is designed to bring a unique appearance or style to any room.

With the unique blown glass and fused glass process, vibrant hues are captured with a life of their own. The dye is secured within the glass, adding a distinctive dimension to the finished product.

The team states: “We’ve streamlined the customization process into 4 easy steps, to bring you attainable custom products that are only limited by your imagination. Whether a seasoned designer or new homeowner, we will work with you to bring your visions to life.”

The first step is discovery. Project goals and scope can be discussed through preliminary calls and emails. Then comes the design and price stage, followed by fabrication and shipping.

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