New York City Dermatology Clinic Sculpture – Creative Art For Lobbies Announced

North Macedonian modern artist, Maja Taneva, introduces her latest evolving art sculpture for luxury clinics in New York City, New York.

Maja Taneva, a highly-respected modern artist, announces her latest evolving art sculpture for art enthusiasts in New York City, New York. Entitled, “The Asymmetric Note of Tenderness”, the sculpture is suited for lobbies or waiting rooms of high-end dermatology and aesthetic clinics.

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The Macedonian sculptor says that the lines and shapes of her artwork evoke calm and meditation. Moreover, the evolving art sculpture attempts to change one’s perception of beauty, with its soft yet provocative lines. This attention to beauty is why Taneva recommends her art sculpture be placed in luxury clinics.

The latest interior design studies have found that more people appreciate highly complex art sculptures when in a high-end environment. Not only do these art sculptures inspire clients to remain calm and relaxed, but they also add a sense of luxury and elegance to any clinic.

Taneva was inspired to create this newest sculpture by the contradicting elements of beauty. On one hand, beauty is surreal, often casting a gentle light on everything it touches. Yet, beauty may also be provoking, revealing hard truths and harsh realities.

The Asymmetric Note of Tenderness is made from light wire and radiates these complex thoughts on beauty and how humans react to it.

This is the newest of Taneva’s artworks. The modern artist also creates wall installations and paintings. Each of her art pieces speaks to Taneva’s inner perception of beauty and elegance. Still, Taneva says that her sculptures capture her unspoken messages and feelings. Her entire sculpture collection can be viewed at

Taneva says that all her artworks have four elements to them. These are balance, calm, productivity, and focus. She says that every aspect of life is dichotomous, and her pieces seek to display both sides of every emotion and feeling.

The artist writes, “I started creating art when I was 10 years old, and now I am driven by aesthetic beauty. The aesthetic is a highly individual experience and I tell my story through my work.”

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