New York Child-Safe Sensitive Skin Hand Sanitizer Delivery Service Launched

A new child-safe hand sanitizer product with door delivery across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania has been launched by Germa Bloc. The team provides quality sanitization product to keep customers safe during the pandemic and beyond.

Germa Bloc has launched a new hand sanitizer the company delivers to customers’ doors in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Their 5-Diamond Sanitizer is designed to be especially beneficial for children who break out from using potent alcohol-based sanitizers.

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With many schools now reopening following lockdown, it’s important for parents to know their children are safe. Regular use of hand sanitizer is still the best protection against the virus, but for children with sensitive skin this can pose issues.

Germa Bloc have created a child-safe sanitizer product that can be delivered to customers’ door quickly. This allows families to send their children back to school with added reassurance.

For customers who are adhering to social distancing regulations, the new home delivery service is designed to be an ideal solution. Rather than visiting crowded stores trying to find their next batch of sanitizer, customers can shop with peace of mind, comfort and security.

Hand sanitizer was one of the first products to be stockpiled when the lockdown first occurred, and in many places across the country it’s still difficult to come by. However, with Germa Bloc, customers can be sure they will always have the sanitization they need.

Germa Bloc deliver direct to customers so they get the necessary protection without exposing themselves to the virus. Customers just have to place their order, then the package will be delivered seamlessly. Buyers can then use hand sanitizer whenever they need to, whether at home or on the go, knowing they won’t run out.

The team at Germa Bloc highlight that the virus is primarily spread by touching the face with infected hands. Using quality hand sanitizer, people are able to eliminate that path of transmission

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