New York Best Small Business Consultant Tax Deductions IRA Roth Launched

Tatiana Tsoir, a seasoned business consultant in Bedford, New York offers services to help small business owners survive, thrive and allow for the lifestyle they want.

Tatiana Tsoir has launched small business consultancy services in Bedford, New York. She helps small businesses and start-ups with questions about their bookkeeping, lowering their tax liability, and strategic growth coaching.

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Her consultancy services were launched after numerous business meetings with local and small business owners indicated that many small business owners were losing revenue through poor accounting. Over the last 16 years, she found that she can reduce the amount they owed the IRS and State with strategic moves before the year is over. She is now sharing that knowledge with small businesses throughout New York and across the country.

She takes the time to answer the questions that small businesses ask and emphasizes keeping accurate records. The importance of checking numbers regularly makes year-end accounting a less tedious task. She is equipped to teach small businesses in the methods and technology to help them successfully keep their numbers accurate on a daily basis.

Knowing what the numbers are in the pandemic climate is important so a business can make the necessary moves to survive, thrive and avoid overpaying its taxes. It also can make the difference in receiving governmental assistance, which promises to be forthcoming to the small business sector.

She has now written a book designed to help dreamers and early-stage business owners have a roadmap on money, numbers and taxes when starting out and early one and removes anxiety out of starting a business.

The book is entitled “Dream Bold, Start Smart” and will be released in March 2021, in time to read before taxes are due. The book is accompanied by an interactive feature where readers can interact with the author and receive valuable extra content.

Starting March 21, 2021, readers receive 12 videos featuring business professionals in different industries. These videos are designed to enhance each chapter. Anyone pre-ordering the book before March is also invited to participate in live discussions with Tatiana and will receive other bonuses.

Tatiana says, “Whether one is launching a brick-and-mortar shopfront or an online social network, launching a successful venture takes more than creativity, energy, and passion. There must also be a sound game plan and a solid foundation in money, numbers & taxes.”

The launch of Tatiana’s business consultancy services can help small businesses start the year by keeping accurate data so that taxes, financial resources, and the business owner have the necessary information at all times to ensure success.

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