New Years Money Off Special On Saint Joseph Statue For Selling Houses On

eCommerce company announce New Years five dollar off coupon code to get a special discount on Saint Joseph statues for selling houses. The coupon is valid until January 5 and gives customers a five dollar discount on a best selling statue and bonus ebook.

eCommerce company Pearl Consultancy have just announced a money off special offer on a bestselling Saint Joseph statue for selling houses. The offer is available until January 5 as a New Years gift to shoppers on

The Saint Joseph statue is famous for helping people to sell their homes in record time. It is thought that the tradition originated in Europe hundreds of years ago. This age old ritual is still practised on a daily basis across the world by individual house sellers and realtors wishing to boost their sales.

According to tradition the statue is buried upside down in the front garden of the house to be sold. The statue is then supposed to be unearthed once the sale is completed and the seller is supposed to place the statue in a place of honor in their new home.

The statue can be buried upside down in a pot by customers who want to sell an apartment, business to house without a garden.

Pearl Consultancy partnered with to bring the Saint Joseph statue to people across the USA. The statue comes with an ebook offering practical advice on how to sell a house quickly. 

The statue has already received many five star reviews. One delighted customer posted a five star review just before Christmas. She had been trying to sell a Cape Cod condo with great views for three years but had no offers. Her daughter bought her the Saint Joseph statue and within twenty four hours of receiving the statue the condo was sold. She never had to even read the e book and implement the advice about staging a condo for sale.

The current offer is to help people as they enter the New Year to leverage the ninja house selling power of the St Joseph garden statuette. Yesterday Pearl Consultancy reported high volume of sales of the statue over the holidays particularly in the states of Florida and Georgia. 

The company frequently reports on research into the use of the statue among customers. Earlier this year they reported that sales tend to fall into two main demographic groups. Buyers are either Catholics who are devoted to St Joseph or business executives who have no religious belief in the statue but use it to help sell their home. The statue appears to work equally well in both groups of users.

Customers can avail of this time limited offer by entering the code NewYears on checkout at The coupon is valid until January 5 and gives customers a five dollar discount to help them leverage the magic of the Saint Joseph statue to sell their homes.

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