New Year is the Perfect Time to Preserve Family Pictures

The New Year is a time of resolutions, of change. Its the perfect time to learn to preserve family pictures and ensure they will survive to pass on to the next generation.

With the start of a New Year, there’s a sense of new beginnings.  New resolutions are made, new habits formed.  The New Year is the perfect time to dig out old photo albums and pictures lying around in drawers and do something to ensure these heirlooms do not suffer loss and damage.

Photographs are fragile and hold irreplaceable memories. Throughout the test of time, pictures remain a priceless visual history of previous generations, unlike any other record. In order to guarantee that family pictures can be passed down in the future, these photos require detailed treatment and special care. This especially holds true for individuals who take pride in the family’s genealogy and hold collections of vintage photos.  

It is important as well, to individuals that care about the fate of family pictures and the ability to be passed on to the next generation. Too often, photographs are not preserved correctly and face tragic losses.

“It can be an overwhelming process to think about the picture preservation task, however the more time goes by, the more at-risk the photos are.  This is both from a preservation perspective, and loss that may occur from accidents or other disasters. If it could be looked at in a different light, as a labor of love, broken down into more manageable stages on a very consistent basis, it would be easier to overcome procrastination,” states Garner.

It is a wise time to re-visit old slides, VHS tapes, old 8mm or 16mm movie film, to get them transferred to modern technology, for preserving, but also while technology still exists to do the transfers of these older formats.

The project of photo preservation could also become a family project, not simply tasked to one person.  As a family activity, much bonding and memory sharing could naturally occur, giving another strong benefit of taking this project on.

“Preserve Your Family Pictures: How to Save Photo Heirlooms for Future Generations” is a recently-published book written by Amber Richards that teaches individuals the practical steps to protect family photographs – both the physical prints and digital formats. Through this book, readers will gain special knowledge to ensure their treasures will survive the future and live to see many generations.

The book is currently available in paperback, Kindle e-book, and Audible audiobook. Find out more information about Amber Richard’s informative book by visiting the website directly here

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