New Writer and Marketing Research Services 3/09/15

Cimarron Communications announced the launch of their new Writer and Marketing research services, Cimarron Research Group beginning 3/09/15.

Writers and marketing departments who need research and content services can enlist the services of Cimarron Research Group by Cimarron Communications. The sign up page detailing full services and availability can be found here:

Cimarron Research Group is designed to address the most common issues faced by writers in need of background research for books and scripts and other projects as well as marketing departments in need of facts and figures for marketing campaigns and product information content.

The service includes:

Free Up Valuable Time – CRG does research for writers and marketing managers so they can get to the business of writing.

Let CRG Do the Digging – CRG can do the grunt work of combing through volumes of information on the specific topic writers and marketers need information on and give them just what they need.

Wide Selection of Resources – CRG has numerous resources at their disposal in addition to web searches, CRG has access to ProQuest database as well as numerous library databases.

Finished Papers and Articles – In addition to supplying the raw research for projects CRG can also create finished case studies, white papers, blog posts and press releases to name a few of CRG’s services.

Kathleen Thomson, Owner of Cimarron Communications, had this to say about CRG:

Cimarron Research Group does the grunt work of research so writers and marketing departments can get down to the business of delivering assignments on or ahead of schedule. CRG service pays for itself by letting writers finish projects quicker and move on to other assignments.

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in more information can contact CRG by go directly to the contact page, here: Or calling at 1800 297-6056 or 661 296-3063.

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