New Westchase Tampa Direct Mail Postcard CO-OP Advertising Goes on Sale Wednesday June 10

Digital Capital Advisors LLC announced the launch of their new Direct Mail Postcard Advertising CO-OP Service beginning Wednesday June 10.

Westchase Tampa Local Business Owners who need Direct Mail Postcard Advertising can purchase Postcard Mailer CO-OP Advertising by Digital Capital Advisors LLC.

Postcard Mailer CO-OP Advertising is designed to address the most common issues faced by Westchase Tampa Local Business Owners when choosing their chosen method of advertising to their local market. The service features include:

Rapid Response – Companies can instantly reach thousands of local buyers with nearly 100% exposure

Fully Exclusive – Companies will not have any direct competitors that could damage their response

Brilliant Color – Beautiful full color glossy cardstock

No Commitment – No contract required

Trackable ROI – Companies can quickly determine how much profit they made with redeemable offers

CO-OP Buying Power – Each company pays a fraction of total cost but same exposure as a high cost postcard mailer.

Paul Esper, Marketing Manager of Digital Capital Advisors LLC, had this to say about the service:

“Companies have been looking for more cost effective ways of getting exposure to their local business market with measurable results and no long term commitments. It was discovered through a marketing organization that Digital Capital Advisors is a member of that small businesses across the country were seeing great results with Direct Mail Postcard CO-OP Advertising.

“Market research showed that:

98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered.

85% of them sort and read their mail on a daily basis.

At least 56% of all direct mail is read and 48% retain direct mail for future reference.

73% consumers prefer mail to other advertising methods.

“Digital Capital Advisors research also showed that direct mail is used less these days so more people are paying attention to it. Postcards are nothing new but most small businesses cannot spend thousands of dollars to do a standalone post card mailing campaign, so we put together a CO-OP advertising service so each business only pays a fraction of the total cost.”

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in getting more information on this service can call:


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