New Website Wlap Announces Launch Helping Car Owners Find the Right OBD Scanner

Having access to a quality OBD scanner can potentially save a great deal of money on doing auto repairs. Finding the right scan tool to purchase recently became much more simple with the launch of, a new site that specializes in OBD scanner reviews.

One of the big secrets of auto repair shops is that many of the problems they solve are quite simple and quickly identified with simple to use OBD scanners. Once a car owner realizes this, the big question becomes, if they would like to save significant money, which scanner they should purchase to best meet their own needs. Stepping up to answer the question is the new website Wlap, who are focused on delivering quality reviews of OBD scanners, along with guides and other home DIY auto repair tips.

“We saw a real need for a website that gave honest and reliable OBD scanner reviews,” commented Michael W., from “It’s not unusual to save 30% on car repairs using the info a scanner delivers and this can turn into a huge amount of money. With times being tight for many people, why not save money in this very clear, simple and often easy way?”

According to Wlap, they are making a strong effort to review all of the most popular scanners on the market today, free from any kind of brand prejudices or incentives. This gives readers the straight and honest truth, making the site much more reliable than those who are owned or have behind the scenes relationships with scanner manufacturers.

Recent reviews have included looks at the best OBD2 scanners of 2017; the Autel MaxiScan MS309 CAN OBD2; the CRP129 OBD2 Code Reader; the BAFX Products 34T5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool; and many more. New reviews are added as often as possible, with an eye always kept towards keeping quality high.

Early feedback for the site has been completely positive.

John S., from Florida, recently said in a five star review, “I’m doing my own car repairs as often as possible now and it was clear I needed a good OBD2 scanner. helped me make the right decision, confirming that the scanner I wanted was a good one before I placed my order. Fully recommended.”

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