New Website Setup Service Provides Low Cost Alternative to Expensive Web Design

An Australian WordPress expert who has been building websites for 15 years says that small businesses are paying thousands of dollars for web design when they could be paying under a hundred dollars. More information can be found at

An Australian WordPress expert says that web design firms charge thousands of dollars for their services but small business owners are often unaware that there is a low cost alternative, which is much more flexible.

Small business owners are completely unaware that they can have a professionally designed, search engine friendly, mobile optimised and fast loading website for under a hundred dollars and setup the same day.

More information about this brand new service can be found at

Ryan Hough, an Australian WordPress expert who has been building websites for fifteen years says “Web design firms charge high fees because they provide their clients with a custom designed solution. Design work is complex and time consuming and to recoup their costs and make a profit web design firms have no choice but to charge a high price. There is however, an alternative, that most small businesses are not aware of”.

Hough says “WordPress is an open source, free to use software that powers nearly 23% of all websites on the net, including fortune five hundred companies, e-commerce stores and even apps. WordPress is also considered the most search engine friendly software. There are literally thousands of designs available either for free or less than a hundred dollars which can be installed in under 30 seconds.”

“These designs, called themes, are often created by professional web designers and are highly customisable. Small business owners that choose WordPress will have thousands of themes to choose from and will know exactly what they’re getting before they spend a single dollar. If they later don’t like the design they can easily change it to something else in just 30 seconds.”

Ryan’s new website setup service will install WordPress, host the website, install a premium theme, install important plugins and create web pages all for under a hundred dollars. The result is that small business owners will have a search engine friendly, fast loading website setup the same day.

Those interested in learning more about Ryan’s Website Setup Service and a variety of other services that are offered can do so on the website at

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