New Website Launch By The Trip Travel Blog

In an exclusive interview with Sydney based ULRC Media, the management of The Trip Travel Blog confirmed the launch of their new website.

The founder of World Travel Blog has over 40 years of global travel experiences and has teamed up with other travel bloggers to create a comprehensive online reference portal for lovers of all things trip related.

Sonia Harding, Founder of World Travel Blog said, “We did a survey of existing visitors and prospective users of the website to derive the best solution possible for all users of it. Feedback received during the beta testing stage has been extremely positive from all involved.” He went on to say, “We were particularly keen to make this a resource site full of rich media and constantly updated travel material that include trip app and travel platforms that visitors to the site would not only find educational but a regular place to return to access additional travel related information, special promotions and webinars.”

ULRC Media tested the platform by searching for advice on the best online travel deals to learn more about industry operators and apps to compare their flight and accommodation offerings. They were surprised by the results, related information available, the great user experience and ease of navigation both on desktop and mobile devices.

“The website needed to anticipate and incorporate all aspects expected to be encountered with such a comprehensive blog resource site. This included, international visitors, strong social media interface for the sharing of media rich material featured, as well as many other considerations” said Mr Adams. He also commented as follows, when asked if this was the first of similar sites to be rolled our around the globe. “We have every intention of this being the first of a global roll out. We would be delighted to incorporate any feature suggested by users to enhance the visitor experience. It was the intention for this site to be the international benchmark for such travel blogs and leading Australian travel bloggers have indicated they want to feature on these is testament that this is close to being achieved.”

To learn more about World Travel Blog visit the website here:

About World Travel Blog

The Trip Travel Blog features the blogging team’s articles as well as other contributors sharing real travel, restaurant, accommodation, resort reviews and experiences, as well as things they have done they think others would appreciate reading about. Something for everyone.

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