New Website In Development For Teddy Shake Pink Flamingo Float

Teddy Shake announced today that their best-selling pink flamingo pool float would receive a new website before the summer.

This week marks the first week of spring, and summer is just around the corner. Although Teddy Shake has seen some record-breaking sales for the past six months, summer is time of year that customers can get the most use out of their pink flamingo float. In order to help more potential customer know about their flamingo float, Teddy Shake announced today that a new website is in development.

“As of now, our flamingo float has been sold exclusively on, and information about our float has been shared via word of mouth,” explained Teddy Shake spokesperson Bailey Anderson. “As we launch into our busier season, we want to help more customers be aware of our pink flamingo float, and the fun times that can be had with our float. We feel that an updated website can help communicate these things.”

Since the launch of the pink flamingo float six months ago, the Teddy Shake pool float has become the top-selling flamingo pool float on and a customer favorite. When inflated, the Teddy Shake float measures an impressive 80-inches in length, and the Teddy Shake flamingo float is made of vinyl that is a bright pink, and that is durable enough to withstand hours of play at the beach, in the pool or in the family room.

Over 92 customers have written reviews of the Teddy Shake pink flamingo float, with 99% of customers rating the inflatable an average rating a 4.9 out of 5 stars. One customer wrote a five-star review and said “OMG I love this thing! First of all, its freaking huge. I know it says it in the title. But I’m always skeptical lol. It genuinely lives up to its name. I opened it up in my apartment first to make sure it was all good and didn’t have any holes in it. The thing was bigger than the floorspace. I brought it with me to fire island for the last weekend of summer. Everyone else’s pool floats were all pale from the sun. Mine was brand new and bright pink! Brought it back home and packed it up, ready to make its return next summer.”

Currently priced at $34.99, the Teddy Shake pink flamingo float can be purchased only on

About Teddy Shake: “As relaxing as a Bahama breeze; Teddy Shake makes the world’s most relaxing, fun, and quirky pool floats for you and your family. With constant R&D and innovative thinkers working to make the most incredible pool floats and toys possible, we want nothing more than for you to have the time of your life.”

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