New Website Declares War on Boring Content Marketing Videos and Podcasts

Present Your Authentic Voice, a new program, has declared war on boring content marketing in videos and podcasts. To honor the launch of this program a free, coaching session will be given to three entrepreneurs from this week. Further information:

Present Your Authentic Voice, a new program from Alchemy Programmes Sarl, a coaching company, is declaring war on boring content marketing videos and podcasts by offering a completely new trailblazing approach to voice and presence for entrepreneurs who need to appear in media. To celebrate the launch of this program, free coaching sessions will be offered to three lucky entrepreneurs.The launch will take place on September 26, 2015.

In a space where most competitors tend to offer a strategy session with strings attached and minimal information, Present Your Authentic Voice has opted to give away free coaching for video and podcasts to a select group of entrepreneurs at at launch and each month after for the next three months.

Meribeth Dayme, Owner/Founder at Alchemy Programmes Sarl, says: “Currently we are being bombarded with content marketing videos and podcasts by entrepreneurs who have been told to create them without being given the tools to make them interesting. As a result, we have people reading text slides to us, reading text without sufficient expression and presenting information without attention to how their voice and presence impact the outcome.”

This trailblazing new program is dedicated to showing people how to be captivating and compelling at sharing their passion and excitement about their work and contribution to the lives of others.

Alchemy Programmes, as a company, has thrived on the idea of standing out and coming up with trailblazing, transformational ideas and approaches. It’s all part of the fun. Their new programs show people simple, creative ways for becoming grounded, compelling and fearless in producing superb media presentations, rather than those done in the more traditional ways that make entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd.

When asked about Present Your Authentic Voice: coaching in voice and presence for entrepreneurs, Meribeth Dayme, internationally known voice expert and author said: “We think it’s going to be a real hit because it is an entirely new approach to an old subject using concepts taken from Eastern and Western traditions, healing modalities and years of experience. People are stunned at how quickly they can improve”.

“I’ve always gotten many, many compliments when speaking to people, yet I could immediately see how much more impact I would have after making these powerful adjustments. Nothing tough to learn here — just information I had NEVER heard before anywhere. Not from voice teachers with my singing, or people who say they are experts at public speaking.” Janet Tyler Johnson, Corporate Hostage No More

Present Your Authentic Voice: coaching in voice and presence for entrepreneurs creating marketing content videos and podcasts is set to launch September 26, 2015.

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