New website,, expands meaning of Health

Activism used to mean taking political action. Now it's as simple and necessary as reading the ingredients of every purchase. This is what An Intentional Life means--making educated, conscious choices everyday in all activities., launched in May 2015, highlights news on personal health and encourages conscious choices for healthier societies and the planet. Activism has taken on a new meaning.

Founder, Beverly Jensen, Ph.D. observed, “In this decade, we can make personal choices that, collectively, can lessen the damage of climate change on the planet, the only home we know.” She added, “We can, and must, collectively protect our individual and societal health by our food choices, and by putting pressure on corporations and organizations that put profit above the public’s health.”

The website curates reports from science research sources, mainstream news media, consumer advocacy organizations, design innovators, and spiritual “uplifters”. Posted articles are geared to educate and inform visitors and to inspire actions beneficial for one’s own health, society, and the planet.

The main categories on the site include: Consciousness, New Thinking, Health, Food Matters, Science & Technology, Societal, Sustainable Living, and Planetary Watch.

Articles cover reports of new research into the function and healing powers of foods, medical science developments, new designs in housing and transportation that are environmentally friendly, news reports on environmental activities focusing on sustainability, and social activities that have a positive impact on communities. The tone of the site is upbeat with an angle towards what the individual can do to improve their health, their community, and the planet.

“We’re at a point where science and technology have so altered our environment and food supply that activism by making educated choices is no longer optional,” Dr. Jensen stated. “Activism used to mean taking political action, marching in demonstrations, writing to our Congressional representatives and the like. Now it’s as simple and necessary as reading the ingredients of what you’re about to purchase on the grocery shelf. This is what An Intentional Life means, making educated, conscious choices for ourselves as individuals, for our societies, and for the planet’s sustainability.”

Dr. Jensen is the founder of, a natural health website targeting American women, which opened in 2003.

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