New VoIP Auto Dialer Software Demo for Outbound Prospecting Phone Calling

Hot Prospector, the hosted auto dialer and full outbound marketing CRM solution, announced a new demo video available online which demonstrates the latest functionality in the full-featured prospecting suite.

Hot Prospector’s latest power dialer demo gives an in-depth look at several new features to simplify selling and prospecting for small businesses.

The full dialer solutions video can be viewed here:

This new version of Hot Prospector provides several features designed to make it simple for small businesses to automate their lead generation through the use of automatic dialer technology combined with a full-featured online prospecting platform. 

The hosted predicted dialer software combines outbound marketing and CRM tasks while also providing a fully integrated auto dialer service that has both VoIP dialer technology and SMS messaging capability as part of its outbound dialer solution.

Hot Prospector’s founder, Mark Helton, felt that a demonstration video would be the best way to give a full overview of the extensive capabilities of the software, saying:

“One of the major limiting aspects of business success is the difficulty in creating a consistent sales and prospecting pipeline. Hot Prospector brings together the various components required to add more leads to the pipeline and get more customers – integrated automated email campaigns, a hosted power dialer for telephone follow-ups, and a full-featured CRM for personalized outbound marketing. We’ve packed so much functionality into this new release that I had to put out a video to make sure that prospective buyers and business owners could see it in action and understand how powerful it is.”

The seven minute demonstration video for Hot Prospector’s outbound marketing technology can be viewed here:

With the ability to complete multiple sales-related tasks within a single program, Hot Prospector aims to reduce the time small business owners spend on outbound marketing and improve the use of autodialers to create a fully functional lead generation system that performs on autopilot.

For business owners that are on the go, Hot Prospector auto dialer software is mobile responsive, allowing it to work for Android devices as well as for iPhones.

Hot Prospector is specifically designed to meet the needs of multiple business types including real estate prospecting, investing prospecting and finance prospecting along with other business prospecting methods that include automated phone calls.

Interested business owners are encouraged to watch the video for a full demonstration of the predictive dialer software at work. The video demo also contains information on how companies interested in automated outbound marketing can try Hot Prospector within their own businesses.

About Hotprospector

Hot Prospector made its technology public in 2011 and is owned by Mark Helton. It has enjoyed 3 years of rapid growth and currently boasts over 2,500 users worldwide. For more information about Hot Prospector, please visit

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