New Video Kitchen Cabinet Door Refacing & Spray Painting Refinishing Halifax

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New Kitchen Refacing Video Promo. Saves time, energy and headache. See why more people are looking at this great option to upgrade in the Halifax and Dartmouth area. No job is too big or small.

Kitchen Refacers today announced the official launch date of its new promo video. The first of several upcoming videos will be use to promote Kitchen Cabinet Door Refacing & Spray Painting Refinishing in the Halifax and Dartmouth service area. For more information call 1-902-448-2108. Specializing in custom cabinet door spraying at affordable prices.Robert Stack owner of Kitchen Refacers says ” Kitchens that are over fifteen to twenty five years are coming up for a face lift. 75% of those kitchen are in need of just a modern colour and door update. The some cabinet boxes are solid wood frame construction which you do not see anymore. To replace it would cost a premium price to get the same quality. Now with the need to save money and the landfill, refinishing companies are offering all sorts of methods to freshen up the worn out finishes. My job is to share 34 years experience with clients who need some cost saving ideas and to help in their renovation project. Remember sometimes the best price does not give the best results”

More information can be found at our new video link

As one of the most frequently used rooms in any house, the kitchen is vulnerable to natural wear and deterioration. A renovated kitchen can be an effective way to bring a fresh touch to any home, while also increasing overall market value and yielding an attractive return on investment.

One specialty we offer is the small job repair program. We try to satisfy all our clients no matter how small the job is. If we can their trust then we have a customer for a long time. Read what one client has to say.

“I want to highly recommend Robert Stack at Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Renovation and Remodeling Dartmouth. I recently purchased a new refrigerator and upon delivery on December 23rd realized that the fridge did not fit. There was a one inch overhang on the quartz counter top that I failed to take into consideration. Panic time was upon me.

I phoned Rob Stack and he quickly reached out to his network and hooked me up with Ryan Aube at Stone Hammer. Ryan came out on Sunday morning and cut and re-polished the quartz counter top and provided a very clean and professional service.

My wife and I really appreciated the responsiveness of Rob at Kitchen Cabinet Refacing for the excellent service. It allowed my wife and I to proceed with our Christmas planning (saved my bacon!!!)”

Kitchen Refacers launched an updated range of services for clients in Halifax,Dartmouth and surrounding areas. The company works with licensed and certified technicians to ensure high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Homeowners can contact Kitchen Refacers for professional cabinet refacing services. The company uses cutting-edge double bond technology to ensure high durability, helping clients increase the lifetime of their cabinets while also improving their overall appearance.

Kitchen refinishing services are also available, the company offering both professional assistance and DIY solutions to allow homeowners to choose the most convenient way to upgrade their kitchen.

Finally, Kitchen Refacers also provides complete kitchen remodeling services, helping homeowners install new cabinets, drawers, pantries, lazy Susans, granite or marble counter tops and various other items. Wall removal and kitchen expansion services are also available, the company providing complete electrical, plumbing and flooring solutions.

The recent service update is part of the company’s efforts to provide cutting-edge kitchen refacing and remodeling services for homeowners throughout Halifax. Kitchen Refacers implements effective material selection and process management solutions to help homeowners save up to 75% on the average project, as well as ensure quick completion within 3-5 days.

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