New Vets Surgery Opens in Reading

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Angels Vets Berkshire have opened their new clinic in Caversham.

Angels Vets Berkshire is a new veterinary surgery that has opened its doors in Reading. It aims to care forthe pets of families in the local community as well as any animals that requiretheir assistance. A team of well trained and specialized staff are ready tocare for all animals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Although it is a new business offering high quality services, the practice is well on its way to establishingitself as one of the best vet clinics in Reading.  AngelsVets Berkshire surgery is staffed with people who are highly qualified tohelp any animal that requires aid, whether it be a pet or not. As ClareAnderson, owner of Angels Vets Berkshire clinic, said “We’re reallyexcited at opening our new practice in the Caversham area. Caversham is a realfamily orientated area and we look forward to taking care of everyone’s pets.” Theybelieve that all animals deserve the best medical care and attention which canbe provided because they offer so much to their customers.

Pets are more than just animals.They are members of the family, just as important as the human members of afamily. As Dr Robert Smith, lead veterinary surgeon of the practice, told us “Petsare such an important part of people’s families and we really like the thoughtof taking care of important members of the family.” With the help of hisassistants and colleagues, Robert Smith is ready to care for all animals thatneed their expert knowledge and training. To find out more visit their website here:

Just as with people, animals canbecome ill at any time of the day or night. When it happens pet owners need to knowthat there are competent and qualified experts who are ready to help their belovedpet whatever the hour and day of the week. As stated on their website the staff at Angels Vets Berkshire are ready to help at any time of day or night,including the weekends. Dr Smith and the entire staff are there ready to helpthe animals in any way they can, whether it is to change a dressing or perform major surgery.

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