New Vehicle Database Gives Developers Trusted Source for Car Make and Models

The Vehicle List announced the availability of their new database built for the web developers looking for an easy to use year make model and trim list of US passenger vehicles.

Web developers looking for the latest vehicle make and model data should check out The Vehicle List .

Used by a plethora of  automotive sites already, The Vehicle List is designed to appeal specifically to web developers of vehicle and car part websites and is remarkably well suited for web projects. 

Web developers charged with building an automotive website struggle to find make and model data, as while it is publicly available, the data is often in the wrong format, and often incomplete and inaccurate.

The Vehicle List is a strong solution to that problem. While many dealerships and large part corporations use expensive databases that can cost thousands a year, The Vehicle List is cost effective and developer-friendly:

It is simple to use – Customers can launch quickly, using it as flat files (excel & csv) or importing it into an existing database (in MySql format)

It is updated regularly – Free list updates are sent to customers quarterly for 365 days.

It is mobile ready – Optional dependent select/dropdown elements forms (PHP) are ready for mobile web projects.

Danny Mendoza, Owner of, when asked about the passenger car database said:

“Website developers are looking for an affordable yet reliable year, make, model and trim database to help them build great automotive sites.The vehicles list offers great value for those needing accurate, and updated US passenger vehicle data.”

This car database will power many automotive web projects, as it hits all the right notes of simplicity, accuracy, and cost. A free demo is available on the website, and visitors can even download a sample file to test the format and see the data structure/schema.

Those interested in downloading the database can go directly to the product listing, here:

Release ID: 72712