New upholstery collection available only at AnzeaThe Naked Spirit Collection

Anzea announces their most environmentally sustainable product: the Naked Spirit Collection. This is constructed from 100% Bella-Dura fibers and aims to honor the original conservationists

Fort Worth, TX (December 2019)– The Naked Spirit Collection aims to honor the country’s original conservationists who crafted their belongings with respect for the land. This is Anzea’s most environmentally sustainable product yet. Designed by Mitzi Mills, Anzea principal and creative director, the collection includes three patterns Bloom, Horizon and Grit. Constructed from 100% Bella-Dura® fibers makes for a versatile and hardy fabric suitable for any commercial application.

A carpet of blooms and a native influenced graphic are anchored by a nature inspired bouclé to create a trio of raw naked textiles. Nothing is added. Each design stands on its own as boldly high performing. The motifs reflect the sensibilities of our country’s original conservationists. An Anzea exclusive, this upholstery collection is HHI compliant and Cradle to Cradle certified. The Bella-Dura® fibers thrive indoors and out, are hardy enough for bleach cleaning and kind enough to be recycled into nature.

“It has been my vision to develop a complete collection that reflects my roots from the Midwest to the west coast and my home in Texas. Respect for the land and nature are integral to this heritage. Strength and endurance are part of our DNA. Bella-Dura® is the perfect partner for this ongoing endeavor. Rather than relying on harmful coatings or finishes, Bella-Dura® performance is packed into the very fiber. It all begins with a proprietary polyolefin that is solution dyed, exceptionally durable, inherently bleach cleanable and recyclable. And best yet, Bella-Dura® fabrics are 100% American made — woven in a state -of-the-art facility with all yarns sourced, dyed and finished in the US. It takes the collaboration of the manufacturer and the entire design team to bring a collection to life. Naked Spirit reflects that inclusion and our shared vision.”

-Mitzi Mills, principal and creative director at Anzea

About Anzea:

Anzea was founded in 1990 by business partners Mitzi Mills and Bruce Doeren in Fort Worth, Texas. The name Anzea is actually an acronym standing for the countries represented in the very first Anzea collection: Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the Americas. Mitzi’s graphic design background paired with her love of photography and travel help her lead the company’s creative department in exciting directions. Bruce brings his accounting expertise into the mix ensuring operations run efficiently. Since the beginning Anzea has focused on contract upholstery textiles offering the marketplace the option of leading-edge colors, bold designs and high performance with a personable customer experience found only in Texas. Anzea offers a brilliant mix of woven and coated fabrics fit for the most demanding applications. Our exclusive woven fabrics range in composition from highly innovative manufactured fibers to the richest natural fibers. Anzea’s coated collection proves that great design, durability and safe chemistry can be achieved in a colossal selection of coatings, patterns and colors. Anzea takes pride in being a dynamic and energetic team able to adapt and execute at every step of the way to make visions a reality. Take a look on Facebook.

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