New UK Law on Face Coverings & Custom Face Masks Range Launched by Its Handmade

UK Law and guidance regarding face coverings has recently changed, it is now mandatory to wear one inside of shops and on public transport and launching of new custom face mask range

As of July, the UK Government announced that face masks will be compulsory in England on all forms of public transport and in shops. These can also be coverings, the guidance states that as long as the mouth and nose are covered, so the likes of snoods, neck warmers pulled over the face or scarves can be used. Britons who don’t follow this guidance will be given an on the spot fine of £100, which will only be half, £50, if paid within 14 days of the notice being given.

For those of you who want to travel around with a more of a personal touch to your face covering, UK based e-commerce store Its Handmade have launched their stylish new custom face masks which can be customised with the motif of your choice and each custom face mask is designed with comfort and quality in mind and will protect the wearer from airborne germs and dust inhalation thanks to innovative technologies and finishes in the mouth cover fabric.

The outer layer of fabric has a special Silvadur Flex Antimicrobial finish that helps to prevent odours and wear and tear, creating a long lasting face mask. The mouth covering also has a Zelan R3 renewably-sourced finish, applying the material with a non-fluorinated, plant-based water-repellent treatment, which makes the new range of face masks one of the most durable on the market.

The newly launched collection of face masks are designed with a double layer of fabric made from cotton and elastance, specially formulated to adapt and fit to the contours of the wearer’s face, along with elastic ear-loops, keeping the mask in perfect position all day.

here are exemptions for wearing a mask or face covering and staff aren’t allowed to challenge you for your reason(s) for not wearing a mask however as things progress, the country are starting to feel more comfortable and confident going into shops and supermarkets where everyone is wearing a mask, this means supermarkets will most likely be a lot stricter on this rule as time goes on.

If you are interested in the custom face masks offered by Its Handmade, you can visit their product page here:

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