New Tutorial Reveals How to Create A WordPress Website from Scratch

Simple Web Tutorials has launched a new report offering guidance on how to buy a domain, find a web host, and build a site. It makes it easy to digest the necessary information, and helps people to build sites quickly and simply.

A new web design tutorial has been launched by Simple Web Tutorials, offering guidance on how to create a website from scratch. It is written in an easy to read way, and takes readers step by step through the whole creation process.

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For many business owners and entrepreneurs, it can be a stressful time trying to build a website. For people without coding experience, it can seem a daunting task trying to achieve everything people want to with their website projects.

But there are options out there for people without coding knowledge, and many of them allow for the creation of elegant, powerful sites. One of these solutions is WordPress, which makes it easy for businesses in any niche to set up and establish their online presence.

The new tutorial focuses on WordPress hosting, and shows readers how to create their own WordPress site with ease. It makes the process simple and easy to follow, and breaks down each element to avoid any confusion.

The first step is to register a domain name. This is also called a URL for short, and will be the text that people enter into their web browser when they want to find the site quickly and easily. This will provide visitors with a lasting impression of the business, and should be easy to remember.

Once the domain name has been established, business owners are encouraged to set up their hosting account. A web host is needed for the website to work, and is described as the place where every file that makes up the website is stored.

After a URL and web host have been chosen, it’s time to get to work building the site. WordPress is one of the most popular choices for this, because it’s easy to use, and can be mastered even without coding knowledge.

WordPress offers a range of benefits, like easy theme installation and plugins that can modify the site. It is also SEO friendly, and Google tends to rank WordPress sites well.

Full details of the benefits of WordPress and how to set up a website quickly and easily, including details on how to customize it, can be found on the URL above.

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