New Tube Tycoon Game Goes Viral and Sets the Gaming World Alight

Thousands of gaming fans around the world are downloading a new game called Tube Tycoon. A simulator game that promises to be the biggest viral game of 2016.

It’s not uncommon to see a new generation of video games explode onto the digital scene each year. Most of which are funded by large gaming corporations with a huge marketing budget behind them. However, 2016 has seen the birth of something rather different. A game that has captured the interest and imagination of hundreds of thousands of gaming lovers worldwide. It is called Tube Tycoon and was developed by a young talented Polish student called Macieej Maj.

Tube Tycoon is a PC desktop game that allows users to become Youtube Celebrities albeit in a fictitious way. It is a Youtube simulator game where users can publish videos and attract comments, likes and engagement, and their actions in the game ultimately determine their success.

It’s common knowledge within the industry that most games that go viral have large budgets supporting their success. Unlike these other games Tube Tycoon has no such budget and has relied on the viral activities of fans and real famous Youtubers to create awareness and build up their user-base.

The game developer Macieej Maj has been busy studying and has just completed his exams. With his studies out of the way he is determined to take Tube Tycoon to a whole new level. Part of these plans is to develop a Mac version as well as mobile versions of this game. It is also being distributed via the Steam Gaming Network which is helping it to gain further traction within the gaming industry.

Tube Tycoon is still essentially in beta but promises to get bigger and better throughout 2016 and beyond. The question being asked by many is ‘What lies ahead’ for this digital phenomenon. One thing is for certain and that is that Tube Tycoon will continue to grow its fan base making it one of the biggest viral games this year. Macieej Maj states he has lots of plans, lots of updates and a massively growing user-base that is just waiting to see what happens next.

To find out more information about this game, then learn more about Tube Tycoon here.

Release ID: 117631