New Tsu Social Media Network Tutorial Site Delivers Video Reviews & Wiki

New website with up-to-date tutorials, reviews and news has been launched by Tsutorial. The main purpose of this new platform is giving essential help and an invitation for the new Tsu Social Network, which pays its members.

Users of the new Tsu social media network, searching for tutorials and helpful training will find relevant and useful, first-hand information on the new, recently launched Tsutorial platform. This new website offers several requested features including tutorial videos, reviews, wiki, Tsu invitation and a step by step training as an email newsletter series. 

Tsutorial offers free, timely and relevant videos, all about the Tsu social network which gives 90% of the ad revenues to its users. A four-level revenue distribution scheme is in use too. Therefore, most of the users want to be successful from the beginning of their presence at Tsu to earn some extra dollars. Their social activities should be most efficient there. To enable an excellent performance of the interested member, Tsutorial delivers tutorials, news, wiki, and reviews on this new online site for free. New features will come in the upcoming months. Interested people can visit this new Tsu tutorial social media network site at

Marketing expert and website owner Melanie Paul from Irvine, CA characterised the new platform with these words:

“There has been a storm of positive reactions from new Tsu members surrounding and the information that it provides. Tsutorial will deliver continual improvements and adjustments so that all interested Tsu users have access to the latest experiences and news. It’s the goal of Tsutorial to become the leading support site offering helpful and reliable information for interested Tsu users all over the globe.”

For people who want to sign up at Tsu, there is an invitation on Tsutorial available too. The new member is invited by Melanie Paul personally. Find her link at the bottom of each page on It is necessary to have such an invite. A commenting system is available, leaving a comment on any post is possible. Social Share Buttons are available too for sharing the content to all main web 2.0 sites.

Tsutorial welcomes all online visitors from all countries and invites everyone to use the available free services to his advantage. 

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