New Trend in the Housing Market: Find the Perfect Location and Renovate

Real estate agents are doubling as renovation experts in today’s competitive housing market

Due to a tightening housing market, Minnesota homebuyers are increasingly making purchase decisions based on a home’s potential for renovation rather than current aesthetic.

The National Association of Realtors reported that existing home sales grew to a 10-year high last month, hinting that consumers’ confidence in the economy is growing. But while sales increased, the overall number of homes available for purchase has decreased to the lowest level since people started tracking it in 1999.

In this increasingly competitive marketplace, leading real estate agents are working to help buyers find “fixer-upper” homes with remodel potential, and offering the opportunity to renovate it to their specifications.

“Many people have a hard time finding a home that checks every box on their list,” said Katie Kurtz, a realtor and renovation expert in the Twin Cities. “Our job as realtors is to help them find a home that has the potential to become their dream home with a little imagination and a little renovation.”

While renovation is hard work, Kurtz acknowledges the feeling of satisfaction once the process is complete.

“Watching an old, outdated house turn into something beautiful for clients is one of the most rewarding feelings as a real estate agent,” said Kurtz.

Many real estate agents are playing dual roles: helping clients purchase a home, and then acting as consultants for renovations and design. Kurtz, a Realtor at Keller Williams Integrity Lakes and co-owner of the boutique design and renovation firm Adorned Homes, is a professionally trained kitchen and bath designer.

Experts like Kurtz suggest buying a home with a strong structural foundation, in the neighborhood they want. Homeowners can then enlist the help they need to renovate anything they wish, from their kitchen and bathrooms to their basement and garage.

It’s good that realtors are doubling up, because some renovations can be quite complex for the average homeowner to accomplish on their own. In some cases, such as wall removal, renovators would be wise to consult a renovation professional. They serve as both agent and contractor, and offer advice for any newly-bought home.

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