New Trading Apprenticeship Program Now Available Through MTA Live

Matt Travis And Mike Douglas Launch New Forex Trading Apprenticeship Program Through MTA Live

With their combined 16 years of trading experience and launching their own Trading education platform (MTA Live), Mike Douglas and Matt Travis have seen their fair share of trading courses and softwares come and go. Although there are courses that have merit, the overwhelming majority of them fail their students when it comes to preparing them to become profitable traders long term.

“Many trading education companies and platforms labor over teaching and training their students and customers on the intricacies of technical and fundamental analysis. While those things are incredibly important to a traders success, it all means nothing if someone is not also equipped with the proper mindset to trade successfully. The apprenticeship program puts a heavy focus on ensuring students master their trading mind” said Matt Travis.

Matt, not being one to mince words has shook up the trading education industry over past year by exposing many competitors short comings and by launching this new course in a format that’s shaking things up.

“Instead of creating another 1 week course on how to trade where the student is left to fend for themselves after completing the education, the apprenticeship program was designed to offer a 1 year hands on mentoring approach to trading.” Explains co founder Mike Douglas.

The apprenticeship program allows anyone from novice traders with no experience to experienced traders who have been in the markets for years to learn and trade along side Matt and Mike. Every 3 months 100 students are selected for the program. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars for training, a one time course, or “push button” software, the apprenticeship only requires students to cover their nominal trading expenses (roughly £99). The students will experience training every single day for an entire year with new modules covering Forex, currencies, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and mastering the traders mindset coming out every month. The apprenticeship also features two live events through out the course of the year where students will have a chance to meet Matt Travis and Mike Douglas to learn and trade with them in person!

This learning format allows students to learn how to trade through bite size training over a long period of time instead of being overwhelmed with information over a weekend. As an added incentive and definitely a point of difference compared to other trading education companies, MTA Live selects the very best traders from the graduating class of apprentices to trade the companies money and potentially become fund managers.

The company also offers a faster way to learn through their Mission To Millions program which is designed to take students through the learning over a 3 month period.

For more information on MTA Live and their apprenticeship program you can visit their website at

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