New Technology for Farmers Breaks the Barrier of Increased Plant Growth & Yield

Breakthrough Farmers Technology, 20 years in Development, is 100% Organic and Natural and has broken the barrier to increasing Photosynthesis in plants thus increasing fruit yield by 20-30% minimum and helps to reduce pests and disease.

Amazing New Technology for Farmers Breaks the Barrier of Increased Photosynthesis and Plant Growth

Every so often, the world is introduced to an innovative technology that promises to change the world—and actually delivers. It’s been seen with computers, cell phones, radios, and medical ventures. And it seems that once again, another company is here to change our everyday lives for the better.

Harvest HarmonicsTM is stepping in where nature fails, using their one-of-a-kind technology to provide crops and farming all around the world with the extra boost they need in order to reach their full nutritional potential and plant growth. With the application of their wave packet technology, this non invasive, organic-friendly farming application is able to make crops grow faster, stronger, more pest-resistant, and with higher levels in both nutrition and brix count, by the acre.

Harvest HarmonicsTM uses Kyminasi Plant Booster technology to infiltrate the water systems on farms and use wave packets applied on the outside of a water source to send signals through the water to better help crops grow. You know how the radio was mentioned earlier? Yeah, same idea.

Dr. Fabio Balmelli, Swiss inventor based out of Cuomo, Italy who has worked on this technology for several years, is responsible for this breakthrough equipment, with multiple farms around the world already seeing results.

Harvest HarmonicsTM—the Florida-based distributor of Kyminasi Plant Booster founded by CEO Francesco Arlia Jr—has set up offices all over the world, working to make the woes of traditional farming a thing of the past, and better support the economies and soil of where these farms are located. 300 farmers as of early 2021 have experienced and benefitted from Harvest HarmonicsTM work so far, citing faster plant growth and healthier crops overall.

According to testimonials on the Harvest HarmonicsTM website, farmers have said things such as:

“We used the Kyminasi Plant Booster on our grapes. After 44 days, we saw 1640 kg more grapes and got 23% higher prices than our standard grapes due to higher quality.” – Rodrigo, Chile

“We installed the Kyminasi Plant Booster on our pepper field after planting. After 75 days, the Kyminasi field produced 97% more peppers by weight compared to the Control field right next to it. The peppers were larger, thicker, and much better quality than control.” – Guillermo, Peru

“I installed the Kyminasi Plant Booster on my 1 year old orange trees. After 6 weeeks, my trees had grown larger than my neighbor’s 2 year old trees! The leaves were larger and greener as well, indicating healthier trees.” – Jim Reed KR Citrus, California

Harvest Harmonics Pepper success in Washington state

Kyminasi Plant Booster’s technologies have the ability to fundamentally change the way plants are grown, their nutritional value, and yield. GMOs will be nothing more than a reminder of the past, and farms will grow and sell with a more robust profit. Farm to table will be a possibility in every household, free of pesticides and unhealthy additional substances. Dr. Balmelli’s vision and practice of curing ailments through the food we consume while also benefitting the farmers that grow our food, seems to be coming truefarming with every farm that adapts to the technology.

With a free quote and consultation, Harvest HarmonicsTM is making it possible for every farmer and grower to have access to this technology, improving their farm’s yield and increasing their profitability.

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