New Technology Creates Dynamic Pages That Can Dramatically Increase Online Sales

Dynamic pages that can be changed in minutes dramatically increase the sales product sellers online make by helping to increase conversions for affiliates. Online marketing expert Steven Van Der Peijl recommends Affiliate Skins to build affiliate conversions. More information is available at

“Pages that can be changed dynamically in minutes can dramatically increase the sales product sellers online make by helping to increase conversions for affiliates”, says online marketing expert Steven Van Der Peijl.

Van Der Peijl says “Online marketers who build a large affiliate force position themselves to make huge sales with any product launch and after that launch. But many marketers forget that the real key is the conversions and profits those affiliates those make. If their conversions are higher then their profits will be higher and they’ll be more likely to promote another product from the same vendor”.

The technology is now available to make it simple for affiliates to change any element of a vendor’s sales page they choose…effectively customizing the sales process for each affiliate. With each affiliate having their own unique, customizable sales pages and landing pages conversions become much higher and it’s much easier to build an enthusiastic affiliate force.

Van Der Peijl’s company Flecha Mobile Inc. has pioneered new Affiliate Skins that allow a vendor to choose exactly which elements of a sales page or opt-in page can be edited. This gives vendors confidence knowing their affiliates can only customize the elements the vendor is happy with. Other elements can be set so they can’t be changed.

Affiliate Skins are compatible with WordPress, LeadPages, OneLinks and many other leading website platforms.

Van Der Peijl’s Affiliate Skins also include a tracking interface with full statistics reporting which makes them extremely effective for marketers who wish to test multiple different sales pages to see which produces the highest conversions. Over time this split testing process has proven to be a highly effective way to increase profits and conversions both for the vendor and for affiliates who are able to split test the changes they choose.

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