New Talk Exposes the Threats to Craft Cannabis in Oklahoma and other states

n a raw look behind the scenes in the Cannabis industry, Francesca Vavala brings to light key factors that are undermining the chances of survival for craft cannabis cultivators across the USA.

At face value, the Cannabis industry appears to be an open market where a person can fulfill their dream of operating a legal Cannabis business.

Staggering Industry growth rates attract people of all backgrounds in agriculture, retail, science, technology, banking, security, distribution, and marketing. Sales from Cannabis were $20 billion in 2020 and are expected to exceed $26 billion in 2021. Research conducted by Cowen and Company reveals that the legal Cannabis market is bound to grow 20-30% per year to the price of 50 billion by 2026.

As more states adopt pro-cannabis medical or adult-use legislation, the opportunity for small cannabis cultivators, processors, and retail dispensary stores to build or expand a cannabis business grows. Or so it may seem. This staggering growth does not always translate to success, and the cannabis industry is proving to be a tougher road than many expected.

In a talk entitled “No One Grows Alone – How to Save Craft Cannabis”’ Francesca Vavala explores the Cannabis market from the perspective of craft cultivators and identifies the common self-inflicted risks that threaten the livelihood of craft cannabis cultivators in the US. “I wanted to create this talk because we continued to see small businesses failing, which creates opportunity for corporate weed to dominate markets. A strong craft cannabis segment is the backbone of a healthy cannabis market, so I hope that this information helps to bring to light common operation issues that can be easily identified and improved.”

Craft cannabis is typically characterized as small, artisan operations with a hands-on approach to small batch production. These grows appeal to markets with educated patients or consumers and areas with historic cannabis culture that are focused on quality products. Corporate or commercial cannabis operations are much larger in scale, typically financed by investors with deep pockets. These operations are designed around producing massive amounts of products and quickly establishing national brands.

Vavala, Co-Founder of The Sales Joint and Terrapin Select, has been working with cultivators, dispensaries, and ancillary manufacturers to create sustainable sales processes and systems since 2017. With more than 10 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Vavala has identified the key difference between organizations that succeed and those that fail. Independent operators are slow to adapt or resist prioritizing a professional approach to business. As a result, these small businesses struggle with unpredictable, inconsistent sales processes, unreliable inventory, faulty order-fulfillment, and poor communication throughout the supply chain.

In an effort to help craft cannabis overcome these challenges, Vavala maintains the solution is to change not just the practices, but also the mindset of professionalism in Cannabis. “Operating with a No One Grows Alone mindset to create a repeatable, professional, sustainable operation allows small businesses to succeed and patients to receive higher quality plant medicine.”

Vavala is scheduled to take the stage at several Cannabis conferences throughout the country in 2022 including Cannatech Emerging Industries Expo (Tulsa, OK and Mt. Pleasant MI), Cannacon (Oklahoma City, OK), Lucky Leaf Expo (Detroit, MI and Atlantic City, NJ).

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