New Sun Yoga Hawaii Inner Balance Through Yoga Event for Yoga Practitioners

Sun Yoga Hawaii LLC, organizer of the new Inner Balance Through Yoga, announced their Yoga Balance event will be held in their Sun Yoga Hawaii Studio, 820 West Hind Drive 125, Honolulu HI 96821 on 10/28/2017.

Yoga Practitioners looking for the latest information on How to Gain Inner Balance Through Yoga can register to attend Inner Balance Through Yoga by Lindsey Sutton, scheduled for 10/28/2017.

Sun Yoga Hawaii LLC is sponsoring this upcoming event, which will cover key issues such as:

How to Develop Inner Balance Through Yoga – Learn more about how the body creates balance within the nervous system through the poses, breathing techniques and meditation. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the 5 Pillars of Yoga. It is not mandatory, but it will help expedite the learning process.

Why Inner Balance Matters – Practitioners will learn, through meditation, to be still and listen to their deeper self. How to activate innate inner strengths that will change outer experiences. How to simultaneously develop inner balance that will enable them to respond to outside stimuli from an inner point of strength.

Using the Body As A Healing System – Learn how building inner strength through yoga will also help the body heal itself. Students will go through techniques that will train them on how to quickly help the body renews itself. Building inner balance is the foundation where physical, spiritual, and mental strength and well-being grows.

Full details on the event can be found on the company website at

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event, the host of the event, Michele Santos said:

The body is a true healing system and when individuals activate their innate ability to heal and maintain inner balance, they are more likely to respond from a point of inner strength to everyday experiences. In the workshop, students will learn more about how the body creates balance within the nervous system through the poses, breath techniques and meditation.

The Sun Yoga Hawaii LLC website has full details about the sessions at this year’s event. Interested parties can visit the website at:

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