New Styles For Wedding Barefoot Sandals To Club Wear Toe Thongs by Halaken Feet

Halaken Feet reviews its promise that its Jewelry would change things in the Women space for the better. Further information can be found at

Halaken Feet has reviewed the Women’s world since it announced the launch of it’s Halaken Feet Barefoot Sandals and Toe Thongs back in 2013. Halaken Feet’s Jewelry was promised to shake things up and 2 Years later, and the facts are in and new styles are out.

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Previously, with even a passing glance, a person would notice beach goers being offered the same bland styles of barefoot sandals. The Owner at Halaken Feet, Iris Perez, is making her point known about the new styles produced saying “We will change the way women see and wear barefoot sandals, they aren’t just for the beach anymore. They are now elegant and beautiful specially with heels”.

Iris Perez continues… “Where you’ll likely always see our competitors doing the same old thing with string or yarn, we wanted to do more and offer dozens of styles and choices for different occasions, from walking on the beach to dressing up most heels for a night out, or even as a tempting addition to lingerie. We do this because we believe women love to see themselves with beautiful options. Ultimately we knew it was going to be an elegant and decadent benefit to our customers because it will make them stand out from the crowd in a very nice way. We actually hope others see how our Halaken Feet Barefoot Sandals and Toe Thongs can be worn for practically every occasion and follow our lead.”

Halaken Feet was established in 2013. It has been doing business since 2013 and it has always aimed to to provide women with elegant foot jewelry for every occasion.

Currently, the closest thing to Halaken Feet Barefoot Sandals and Toe Thongs are simple pieces made from string that look worn or look like copies of older rustic wear not appropriate for elegant events. Halaken Feet has improved on this by not only by using quality materials that look great with wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, club wear and lingerie, but in the number of styles it has available. This alone was enough to make Halaken Feet’s Jewelry quickly popular with Women who have an eye for style and unique jewelry.

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